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About Founder

Mere thinking can only build castle in the air. Every body fears the failure. There are people, who are self-motivated & dictated, they foresee what they target to achieve. Failures, dejection, resentment don't weaken them. Founder of the Spa Association is one of them. 

As a Spa owner & while being in to the business, he learned about the exploitations & the adversities faced by people, involved in Spa & Wellness. With an urge to reform, he decided to form an organization. An organization that would unite the people from across the board, as each one of us share the common agenda. Everyone's weak nerve is the same. 

TGI Spa Association emerged to be the real form of Angel, who stands beside as and when needed. He kept his wits and marched ahead all by himself. 


Mr Bhagyavidhata Sudarshan      (Founder,  Trainer & Consultant)

Bhagyavidhata Sudarshan right from his very young age had inclination towards knowing spiritual existence of human being. Through Research & Study, he found out that Spa Treatment is one of the important mean to connect to our inner self. He dived into the Spa Industry to gain more insight and knowledge about it. During the tenure of his Research and Analysis, which lasted more than 5 years, he learned and got exposed to the challenges faced by the Spa Industry. Gradually he became the known name in Health & Wellness Sector. 

His varied career included a stint as an IT expert. After a dynamic stint in the industry, he ventured out to find a new avenue to engage & found his solace in extensive reading. His destiny introduced him to the most important scripture of Hinduism, "The Bhagavad Gita" here is how Bhagyavidhata Sudarshan came in to being. He has also been involved with Bhagyavidhata World, an organization founded by him to train and advise people on Life Skills. 

A man with above average thinking, having not much support to back him up, decided to do something to secure justice and upgrade the level of the Spa Industry. He made up his mind to form an organisation at National Level to back up the whole Spa Fraternity. 

The Spa Association is one of his dream  rather a platform for the individuals from the Spa Field, that assures to back them up and resolve any issue be it a legal or an involvement as a consultant etc is aptly done. 

Bhagyavidhata Sudarshan has embarked on the journey towards the fulfilment of his dreams, where he intend to benefit and help others more than himself.


     Mr Avinash Kadam         (President)

An optimist person, an extensive reader, a great leader and a highly competitive Business personal, Avinash Kadam depicts a lot more than all of these. 

He may not have born with a silver spoon, but he chooses to live like an analogy to be followed. This is all so true about him. From his early age, he ended up doing business all by himself, which also turned out to be a life changing medicinal herbs for him. 

He happened to be a successful entrepreneur in to various business segments. Health and Wellness sector is one of these segments, he entered into a decade ago. Spa Treatment didn't just rejuvenated him but also encouraged him to lay the foundation of The Spa Association. As a president of the Organisation, his objective is to build safe and healthy environment in every spa across the board.

                Mr Ritesh Pawar              (Voice President)

No body is born perfect, one has to grow into this, through his own struggles and conflicts in the process. You got this right, Ritesh is one of those. Through sheer determination and will to win, Ritesh enlisted himself amongst the accredited members of the society. Health and Wellness had always been a special interest for him. He came across the challenges often occurred here. He got inclined to do something worth while for this sector. In all his capacity, he rooted for his goals. Ritesh is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, he has many Spas of his own. He has empathy for the entrepreneurs, who succumbs before the adversities of this industry. He wanted to bring Renaissance in this sector. Nothing can obstruct him, he is just marching towards the accomplishment of his commitment, which is the wellbeing of each and every one involved in Spa.


Mrs Sakina Sadriwala 

Born in Rajasthan , brought up in Mumbai, Sakina Sadriwala is a Teacher by profession and Content Writing is her passion. One may have never seen her in any public appearance, but she is the most talked about. She disregards the theory followed by the flow, she is sturdy and believes in creating her own pathway. 

Due to increasing health hazard, specifically pain in the muscles, doctor recommended her to observe the spa treatment. Back then in 2014, referred by a Gynecologist, she showed up for the Spa Therapy. With regular therapies, she felt retrieved and cured. Women generally being negligent towards their health, she decided to rise up , make a Move to propogate the importance of health. Campaigns of Spa Therapies were conducted in the underprivileged sections of the society. Her concern for Women Health & Fitness doesn't stop here, she decided to do something at National front. Joining the Spa Association was her concrete step, where she got the chance to pay back the grace and blessings, divine has bestowed on her. 


Mr Shubham Patil

Subham is a Music and Art lover, who is the youngest business man of his age. His humble and wise approach had open for him the gateways for huge success. His business philosophy emphasized consolidation in an industry that had become weak and fragmented. He believes in repairing and restructuring. He is highly loved and admired by the upcoming business men. His intense desire, to support the unsupported ones, has led him to be an important part of the Spa Association.

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