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Become A Part Of India's Largest SPA Owner's AND Workers Association


Spa industry is gaining momentum, people are becoming more health conscious, and Spa treatment is now one of the essential requirements of health.

As a veteran and one of this field, we have decided to come up with an Institute that serves the purpose, provides safety and security against the challenges faced by this field & proves to be a strong back up as and when needed.

The Spa Association, is truly an outcome of long striving and seamless efforts that has come up with a platform for the Spa community people, where they are not only heard but offered redressal to their grievances. All the Spa Industry involved people are invited to join us, develop a team and be there for each one amongst us.



Spa is the least considerable or regarded business in terms of priority and cooperation by the government, which was much observed during the Covid 19 scenario. All the businesses were lately allowed to operate barring Spa. Thus witnessing loss by all the Spa owners. Unlike other subjects, Spa is not backed by any constitutional laws that can protect it from the damages that may arise through several challenges of this industry. The Spa Association aims to support the Spa industry in all the odds and evens.


Bad phase, dredlious and odd circumstances countered by us, has inspired us towards this mission, where we dedicate our services for building the better future for all the Spa Aspirants. We want to convey the message rather a word which “We are there”. 

Liasoning & Partnership 

The high goal of the Association will be to set itself as an ambassador for the spa industry, with representation in all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.

The Association will have important roles to:

  • Grow a trustworthy industry

  • Educate the spa visitor about the benefits of spa experiences

  • Build confidence in spa therapies

  • Set the guidelines and standards for the establishment of a spa.

  • Ensure professional and peaceful environment.

  • Disburse the quality services.

  • Endure to bring out the perfection.

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